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This is the website of the Parish Renewal Implementation Group, which has the responsibility for implementing the vision, strategies and actions for Strengthening and Revitalising Parishes, one of the seven Key Priority Areas of the Archdiocesan Plan Perth, WA 2016-2021.

Parish Renewal Website

Safeguarding project

Breda Pires 0422 237 261

Mark Ferroa 0425 454 763

The aim of the Safeguarding Project is to raise awareness of our collective responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable individuals at church.


This will involve the implementation of a number of ‘best practices’. The Archbishop has requested that all parishes proceed without delay.


I ask that you support our Safeguarding Officers, Breda Pires & Mark Ferroa at this implementation stage.

Thank you, Fr Dat Vuong

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