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We, the parish of Holy Family are called through our Baptism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
• To live gratefully the life God has given us
• To live in the spirit of Jesus
• To grow closer to God and one another

VISION – we are devoted to:
a) Serving God through a deep commitment to Jesus Christ and His Mission
b) Creating a strong, faith-filled, Catholic Community that spreads the Gospel by witness, word and action
c) Building a network to care effectively for one another
d) Reaching out to all in the region esp. those in need – sharing our time, talent, treasure
e) Growing strong in our knowledge and appreciation of our Catholic Faith so as to accept fully the challenge of discipleship.

Current Goals:
1. Develop our Parish Liturgies (Mass and other Sacraments) so they continue to bring nourishment to every community member.
2. Develop a team to assist the spiritual development of each parishioner to further enable the Parish to fulfill the mission of Christ in our region.
3. Develop a team to promote, extend and oversee the Small Christian Communities within the Parish.
4. Developing Holy Family Care: An agency of the Parish specifically designed to assist those in special need within the local community.
5. Developing an efficient and welcoming Parish Office Team that will work with our Parish Priest and Pastoral Assistants in managing the day-to-day running of the Parish.
6. Building a Parish Structure that will enable the many and varied Groups to function efficiently and effectively in their particular works/aims.

Review & Request for Input: Mission, Vision and Goals

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