Mass Times and Bookings during COVID-19 Restrictions

20 May 2020

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Dear fellow parishioners,

RE: Covid-19 Restrictions

We received a letter from the Archdiocese on the 15th of May: and met last night as a Parish Council to discuss the best way forward. As you can see, the requirements are quite detailed. The system that we have devised with Fr. Ossie is as follows:

· 20 people can attend each Mass, with up to ten additional people to facilitate the service (acolyte, reader, musician etc). Mass times will be as follows:

  • Monday:  No Mass

  • Tuesday:  7.00pm

  • Wednesday:  9.00am

  • Thursday:  9.00am

  • Friday:  7.00pm

  • Saturday:  6.00pm

  • Sunday:  10.00am

· As demand will be high, we ask that you please email Joanne on or phone the office on 9450 5921 to be booked in to attend Mass. If the Mass that you wish to attend is already at capacity, Joanne will offer you another Mass day and time. She will try to keep it as fair as possible so that as many parishioners as possible can attend Mass, so please do not be upset if you are unable to be offered an attendance slot every week or even every fortnight.

· When you are booking in to attend a Mass, Joanne will need to record your name, address and phone number or email address. This is a government requirement in case contact tracing is required in the event that a parishioner contracts Covid-19 or influenza. These records will be filed securely and only used by public health officials in the unlikely event that this occurs.

· The bulletin will be available for weekend Masses, but copies are not to be reused. If you pick up a copy of the bulletin, you will need to take it home with you.

· There is to be no shaking hands for the Sign of Peace, but we can acknowledge one another with a nod.

· The cleaning requirements following Mass are quite onerous. To reduce this burden, we have decided that Masses will be held in the parish hall for now. Crosses have been marked on the pews and on the floor for chairs to ensure that people are 1.5m apart. The hall comfortably accommodates 30 people without breaking the one person per 4m2 rule.

· We ask that you use the hand sanitiser on your way into the hall.

· There will be one reader per Mass to reduce the number of attendants. We will not use the microphone as the hall is small and the microphone is very difficult to sanitise.

· There will not be an offertory procession – Mass will commence with the gifts already on the altar and hygienically covered.

· Doors to the toilets and the hall will be left open to reduce the risk of infection from touching door handles.

· To reduce the potential for contact transmission, collection baskets will not be passed around. Instead, boxes will be left under the statue of St. Joseph in the corner of the hall. If you wish to donate, you will be able to put your offering in the marked boxes prior to departing.

· Communion will be given in your seat (Fr. Ossie will bring Communion to each parishioner with no need to line up and worry about the 1.5m distancing rule). You will need to receive the Host with your hands, not on your tongue.

· At the conclusion of Mass, we ask that you leave via the marked exits without staying behind to chat. The time for socialising after Mass will come, but it has not arrived yet!

· After Mass, the reader will wipe down the chairs and all doorknobs, as per the Archdiocesan cleaning requirements.

These Masses will commence on Tuesday the 26th of May. 

If you are unable to attend Mass due to either your health or the limited number of slots, you can watch the St. Mary’s Cathedral Mass on the Archdiocese of Perth website, Facebook or YouTube at the following links at 12.10pm weekdays and 11.00am Saturdays:

There are additional requirements for weddings, baptisms and funerals, but these are best discussed individually with Fr. Ossie. For now, Children’s Liturgy and the Sacramental Program remain on hold.

This letter will be emailed out via the email address lists for every ministry, put onto the Parish website and on WhatsApp. Apologies in advance if you receive it multiple times.

Kind regards,

Marie Tiley 

Chair, Parish Pastoral Council

Marianne Taylor

Secretary, Parish Pastoral Council

Holy Family Catholic Church