Letter from Fr Ossie and Parish Council

30 April 2020

White Flowers

Dear Parishioners

We are all missing our Church, friendships and gatherings however there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will gather again to thank God for the time he given us to reflect on what is truly important in our lives.

We pray for a united front in managing the corona virus and reducing it’s destructive potential. We pray for the affects that isolation is having on our daily lives. We thank God for walking with us through this global pandemic and giving us the grace to help one another whenever we can.

Staying connected is vital. The Holy Family website is posting a weekly newsletter and updates from the Archdiocese of Perth. Parishioners are sharing reflections and staying in touch through WhatsApp. If you want to be added contact Rose Hart on 0451 191 944. You can also join the Parish Prayer Chain every evening at 6pm and pray along with your fellow parishioners. If you should require assistance or a friendly chat please contact the Parish Office on 9450 5921, Rose Hart on 0451 191 944.

Fr Ossie continues to pray for all of us during this time of isolation.

God’s blessings from Fr Ossie and the Parish Council.

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